Retail / Eastland, Melbourne / 2016

iKOU Eastland

Each iKOU product is finely crafted, painstakingly sourced and lovingly put together. This ethos was at the heart of the design process.

Project Overview

  • Project iKOU Eastland
  • Location Eastland, Melbourne
  • Year 2016
  • Category Retail

The iKOU brand represents a holistic, natural approach to rest, relaxation and skin care. The retail concept realised seeks to distil this quality through the creation of two distinct spaces, each paying tribute to the different product families on display whilst providing a counterpoint to the shopping centre setting.

The store is divided into two zones:

The primary retail zone is dedicated to skin care. The whole space is enveloped in colour-gradated timber, moving from a natural finish on the floor, through the subtle transference of 4 strengths of whitewash on the walls, to an almost opaque whitewash ceiling. Linear cutaways in the wall-panelling serve as display vitrines. The contrasting white background and concealed LED lighting ensure product is hero within the cocoon-like space. Anchoring the space is the service counter, which has been sized and aligned to read as an extension of the timber application. The geometry is interrupted with the introduction of a 1m diameter, custom-made, off-white concrete basin within the counter. Mirror-polished stainless steel accents and planting add to the sense of theatre within the 4m high space.

The second zone dubbed the ‘Sensory Courtyard’ was conceptualised as brightly lit outdoor space intended to read in stark contrast to the warmth of the adjacent timber-clad space. Housing home fragrances and herbal teas, the space features off-white cracked concrete floors, mottled cement-wash & marble walls and oversized plantings. Product testings and tastings ensure a complete sensory experience.