Retail / Doncaster, Melbourne / 2013

Qi Master Reflexology

The Qi Master Reflexology massage concept is a unique model within the Australian retail landscape, and as such, required a deft use of spatial planning and interior design skills. The brand promise is one of cultural authenticity and by inference, a more authentic reflexology service. Chinese culture within the design is expressed by emphasising the self-assurance, urbanity, and dynamism of current Chinese society.

Project Overview

  • Project Qi Master Reflexology
  • Location Doncaster, Melbourne
  • Year 2013
  • Category Retail

The brief was to introduce reflexology services to the consumer through an edgy, bold, yet recognisably Chinese language. It was to be less pastiche, and more about contemporary Chinese references and materiality.

Vibrant contemporary Chinese-themed graphic imagery and associative materiality, including a ‘forest’ of bamboo poles, imbue the space with an overriding sense of contemporary Chinese cool.

Graphics are key. A curated collection of images with an overriding contemporary Chinese theme populate the walls. Images were selected for their potential to captivate, engage and charm the customer while providing a quirky snapshot of Chinese culture.

The consumer experience has been designed to embrace the typically hidden, but culturally and ritualistically significant aspects of the service offered.

Ilker Tuncer